Coaching for Runners

OPTIMAL RUNNING will guide you to improved performance over 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon distance races.

We use a systematic approach to training, building individually focused training schedules and plans.

If your running times have peaked, your training has become stagnant, or you can't figure out how to improve further, employing an experienced coach is a great way to help you break through those barriers. By transfering ownership of a training schedule to your coach, you leave yourself free to focus entirely on your own training.

Give us a try. It'll cost a maximum of £2.60 a day* (the cost of a cup of coffee). It may be just the incentive you need to improve your running

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Coach/Owner - Mark Perry

Training Plan Subscriptions

There are two coached options, and a training plan only option. All are 'Pay As You Go' on a monthly basis.

PremiumStandardBasic - Plan Only
£80/month £60/month£35/month
Introductory meeting, in person or Skype OnlineIntroductory meeting, in person or Skype OnlineIntroduction and information on subscription
Connect with coach via phone/text, email, Skype CallConnect with coach via phone/text, emailConnect with coach via email
Weekly training planWeekly training planWeekly/Monthly training plan
Daily session review, notesDaily session review, notes4-26 weeks, training plan only

*Minimum subscription period is one month.

If you are ready to go, subscribe via the links below. We look forward to working with you!

Click to view coach profile on Training Peaks

Coaching Platform

OPTIMAL RUNNING uses the Training Peaks(TP) online platform to plan and administer your training schedules and plans.

Your coach will link your account to enable planning, administration, review and commentary of your training and races. Link popular running devices to your TP account, and workouts will be synced to your training plan.

Optimal Running can coach you at any location worldwide.

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Training Peaks phone apps are available in iOS and Android

Get In Touch

We are more than happy to help with any questions. Let us know what specific requirements you have, and what you want to achieve.

Thank You

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in running.

1. Please complete an athlete profile questionnaire. This will help to build your training plan, taking into account current fitness, availability and future goals.

Athlete Questionnaire

2. Please register an account with Training Peaks. When registering, sync your running watch account (eg Garmin Connect) selecting the download history option.

Register a TP account

3. On completion of the previous requests, we will prepare your training plan via the Training Peaks platform. This will generally be completed within 24 hours.

Training Peaks phone apps are available in iOS and Android

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