Coaching for Endurance Runners

At OPTIMAL RUNNING we help endurance runners improve performance at all levels, including goals for any 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon races.

Head coach is Mark Perry aka 'CoachP'. Mark holds a UK Athletics Level Two 'Coach in Running Fitness' qualification, supporting all road, trail and cross-country(XC) running.

We have a holistic approach to training, built on principles of proven coaches, athletes and sports scientists. Combined with our own training ethos, we use the best from these fields to create individually focused training plans.

Coach P

Coach Mark Perry

Please get in touch if you're interested in working with us.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are ideal if you want a 'coach centred' approach and are happy to let your development happen over a longer period of time.

There are two subscription plans; Premium and Standard. Both plans are 'Pay As You Go' on a monthly basis.
( We use STRIPE for online payment, with the addition of bank standing order or cash as alternatives methods)

£80/month £60/month
Introductory meeting, in person OR Skype OnlineIntroductory meeting, in person OR Skype Online
Online training platform integration with TRAINING PEAKS Premium AthleteOnline training platform integration with TRAINING PEAKS Basic Athlete
Connect with coach via phone/text, email and Skype CallConnect with coach via phone/text and email
Weekly training plan, dynamicWeekly training plan, dynamic
Daily sessions review and comments Daily sessions review and comments
Quarterly coach/athlete debriefs, in person OR Skype OnlineBi-annual coach/athlete debriefs, in person OR Skype Online
Coach P

Fixed Term Plans

Fixed term plans are suited for those who have a short-term race goal in mind and need a structured training plan to follow. However, we can also adjust these to suit your personal situation.

MarathonHalf Marathon10 K5 K
16 Weeks12 Weeks12 Weeks8 Weeks
4 x 1 month training plan3 x 1 month training plan3 x 1 month training plan2 x 1 month training plan
Online TRAINING PEAKS integrationOnline TRAINING PEAKS integrationOnline TRAINING PEAKS integrationOnline TRAINING PEAKS integration
Coach P

Countdown to London Marathon April 28th 2019

    Coaching Platform

    OPTIMAL RUNNING uses the Training Peaks online platform to plan and distribute your training and race plans.
    By subscribing to either a 'premium' or 'basic' athlete account, your coach can link up to enable planning, administration, review and commentary of your training and races.

    Coach P

    Get In Touch

    We are more than happy to help with any questions you have.

    Thank You

    We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in running.

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    Thank you for subscribing with Optimal Running.

    There are a few more things to finalise before we can get started. Be sure to use the same email address throughout the whole process.

    Firstly, we would like you to complete the Optimal Running Athlete Profiler(link below) This will give us important personal information towards any future training with us. Once that is done, we can then arrange our introductory meeting date, either in person OR via Skype online. Times can be to suit you, both daytime or early evenings are available.

    Second, you will need to subscribe with Training Peaks (links below) our online coaching platform. We will then email you a coaching invitation, which will link us as coach and athlete.
    Once registered, link up either Garmin or other manufacturers accounts. This will synchronise any sessions that you complete with the those already planned.

    Finally, we need you to complete a running test to assertain the correct paces for your training.
    There are two valid methods we can use:-
    1.A formalised test protocol at a running track.
    2.Average pace from a recent race performance of 5-10k (30-45mins).
    The former gives better feedback, whereas the latter is more convenient. The test can be planned within our initial week of training, but would be better completed beforehand.

    Again, if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Coach P